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The Vege Box

The Vege Box

The Vege Box exists courtesy of the lovely Shane and Amanda Roberts. We enjoyed there boxes at home for a year or two before finally wooing them into delivering to the cafe (kudos to Moore St General for helping that happen).

These guys source what is truly the tastiest fruit and vegetables you will ever eat. With a focus on locally grown and chemical free produce and an unsurpassed commitment to only buying the best seasonal produce we can always be sure the Vege Box will deliver something special

Get 'The Vege Box' at your place

The Vege Box is available for delivery fortnightly in the Wollongong area. If you are willing to do a little extra work to get familiar with the occasional unfamiliar veggie, the Vege Box is, in our opinion, the only place to get your produce.

Pop in to the cafe and chat to us about them or contact Amanda directly by email

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