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Wholegrain Milling

Wholegrain Milling Co

Wholegrain Milling are one of our newest suppliers. When we started making our own sourdough in 2018 we wanted to source the best, sustainable, NSW grown and processed flour we could. Wholegrain Milling helped us get started and provided us with an excellent product which gave us a solid foundation for our bread making.


The Wholegrain Milling Co. create organic and sustainably grown grain products that will satisfy every need, and are unparalleled for quality and wholesome integrity; products for people who desire, appreciate and demand superiority in their grain-based ingredients. Wholegrain Milling is a family-owned business, that for over 30 years has specialised in the production of a wide range of superior organic flours and grain products, from grain that is grown, stored and milled with no chemical residue, using state-of-the-art Stone Mill and Roller Mill technologies, by highly skilled and experienced milling technicians.

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